Who Are We?

Chalice copyWinchester Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is located at 400 Winchester Avenue in Martinsburg, WV. The main level is handicap accessible from our Stephen Street handicap-ramp. We now have an elevator that gives members and guests access to the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall with access at street level and each floor. Ample parking is available across Winchester Avenue in the church parking lot.

Winchester Avenue Christian Church was chartered in 1899 and just celebrated 120 years of ministry (116 of them in the present building). The church is a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Disciples were the first religious movement to be born on American soil. Our early leaders taught Christian unity, the centrality of the Lord’s Supper (Communion) and strived to restore the first-century church. When visiting with us you will note that we practice believers baptism by immersion and communion is celebrated weekly. Our services are traditional in format but are leavened with spontaneity and life.

We welcome and encourage you to come worship or study with us anytime. Our Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m. and Sunday Worship is at 10:45 a.m.

On Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to Noon we operate a “Clothing Closet” providing clothing at no cost to those of our community with this special need.

Please call us for details about our services and ministries: (304) 263-5142.

Visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WinchesterChristianDisciples

18 Responses to Who Are We?

  1. Jim Spiller says:

    Nice job, Ben. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Congratulations on taking one more step forward in communications media to help people
    notice and know who, what, where and why about Winchester Avenue Christian Church (Disciplesof Christ). ACTS 11:26—“The disciples were called CHRISTians.” We are blessed
    to have Biblical names that are accepted by all denominations of believers in Jesus as THE
    Christ. I am encouraged by the description as “A church for ALL of God’s people.” Sadly,
    America still has a lot of congregations advertising “ALL WELCOME”, but do not really
    accept, love and serve ALL. For more than 25 years in a Washington, DC pastorate,
    I enjoyed promoting the congregation as “A church home for disciples of Christ of ALL
    nations.” —– G. David Shreeves, Retired after more than six decades on staffs of seven

    • David.. I am so blessed to have you as a colleague, supporter and friend. Your ideas, shared so generously, are always welcome and on target. The church continues to be blessed by you even though you are in “retired mode” whatever that means. I look forward to seeing you at the Installation service.

  3. Joan & Doug Mason says:

    So glad to see WACC on here. I may not be there in person anymore, but this church family remains in my heart. We have never met Pastor Ben but I plan to remedy that this spring. God Bless!

  4. Sharon Strain says:

    hi Chuck and Carolyn,
    You may get this twice as I hit a key and it disappeared so don’t know if it was sent. Congratulations on your latest endeaver andGod Bless. I took the liberty to forward it to Mike and Merilyn Seitz, know they would be interested in your latest churchn.

    Be sure and stop or spend the night if you are in the area.

    Sharon and John

  5. Lou and Gail Siano says:

    Congratulations from the Sianos. We are so pleased for you and and Carolyn. Our best regards!
    Lou and Gail

    • Thank you for visiting our web site. We miss seeing you and with Spring coming around the corner we hope to remedy that. We hope you are experiencing God’s blessings! Pastor Ben “Chuck” and Carolyn

  6. Marvin&Vicki Rodriguez says:

    Chuck, Congratulations, may God continue to bless and watch over you and Carolyn.
    Marvin and Vicki Rodriguez

    • Marvin and Vicki…. thanks for your post. I hope all is going well with you in Manhattan. I followed the “wildcats” religiously this past season. You’ve got to understand that with the new league West Virginia is in I had divided loyalties at one point in the season. My what a close game! Thanks for your blessings and the same upon you, my friends!

      • Carol Robertson says:

        Thank you Pastor Ben for the lovely web page, it gives me a great deal of pride to read about the ministry of my church, it is sooo good to have you and that lovely Carolyn with us .

      • And thank you, Carol. Please feel welcome to visit our “blog” to comment, dialogue and make suggestions any time. I was just getting ready to make an update of information for the week on our web site. And I can say “likewise” to your comment. It is a pleasure to have a steady and committed church member such as yourself assisting me and our congregations ministry. Pastor Ben

  7. Crystal Barkley says:

    Hello, Chaplain Ben C. Manning, as I know you from Soldiers Memorial Chapel at Fort Carson, CO. Looked you up and here you are. So glad you are still in the ministry.

    • And greetings to you, Crystal! I have the fondest of memories of all the folks I worked with at Soldiers Memorial Chapel, the Staff Chaplain’s Office and over at Third Brigade. And I’ve often wondered what happened to all. How wonderful to hear from a neat person from my past. I hope all is well with you. Pastor Ben

      • You crossed my mind this morning as I prepare to go to a retirement ceremony in August, GA for Chaplain Benjamin Small. Hope all is well and that God continue to bless you and your congregation. Blessing.

      • Thank you, Crystal, for thinking of me. I still have fond memories of you al a Fort Carson and Fort Monmouth. If it is not too late, please give “Ben” my regards and congratulations. — Benchuck

  8. Thanks for the comment, Joan. And thank you for being a part of both our choirs

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